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Published: 31st October 2011
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Once so very plain and ….blue, blue, blue or even blue. Pool liners, particularly the pre tailored variety were seen as the low cost alternative to a ‘real’ pool finish. But, no more, these flexible finishes are far from the ugly ducklings of pool interiors and have grown into perfect pool peacocks.

Liner pools have been with us for a very long time and will continue to be the favourite finish in a vast number of pool installations. Cost effective and resilient a well fitted liner can last for many years and can even be personalised for those who want to make their own mark. The pre-tailored ‘bag’ liner now comes in a good variety of colours and skilful use of colour and patterns can turn boring blue into a sparking and inviting shimmering swimming oasis.

Heavy duty commercial liner material is now also manufactured offering more colour selections and this has increased demand for site lined domestic pools. Brilliant for use in renovation and refurbishment on-site lining really does tick most boxes for consideration in new and used pools from the back garden to the Olympic stadium!

Unlimited Liners
Aquaflex are very good at manufacturing liners and boast a large selection of liner and tile band colour and pattern choices that would please the most discriminating pool customer. John Crossman of Aquaflex says that whilst most vinyl liners look the same they are most definitely not always the same and if the price seems too good to be true then it probably is. "Cheap material and poor manufacture will not help the pool owner in the long run. If a pre-tailored liner has been just thrown together then it is likely that a weld may fail and the owner can find him or herself in a pretty unpleasant predicament. Pool owners can also be slightly laid back about water treatment and if the pool water is not cared for then liners are the first to suffer"

Aquaflex’s on-site lining service, installing the Alkorplan heavy-duty membrane is an ideal refurbishment solution and one that continually grows in popularity year on year. Almost without exception, pools of any shape or size can be restored and revitalised using Alkorplan. The system is clean and quick, the material robust and long lasting and most importantly, fully compliant with EC regulations.

In addition, Aquaflex installation teams have longstanding experience regarding the intricacies of on-site lining and are also fully licensed and insured to carry out the most exacting installation.
John is emphatic in his support on Alkorplan saying "Alkorplan is the out-and-out best renovation method for pool shells the strength of the membrane is outstanding, as is its water holding properties." Alkorplan material is used extensively not only in pool situations but also lends itself effectively to sealing off any structural body. The system is also used to retain far larger bodies of water than that contained in swimming pools, such as lakes and reservoirs, emphasising still further its immense strength.

Going to Extremes
Another hugely experienced and well established liner manufacturer is Plastica who have been manufacturing liners since 1976 and have a wealth of experience like no other. No matter what shape or size of pool Plastica can make the perfect pool liner time after time.
The company offers an extensive choice of liner patterns from the ever popular Marble and Mosaic liners, to the contemporary Delphos and Olympus Ochre patterns. In fact Plastica have the range to ensure the colours and patterns bring out the very best in your customers pool.

Plastica liners are produced at the UK’s largest swimming pool manufacturing facility. The 100,000 sq ft manufacturing plant is equipped with a state-of-the-art CAD system integrated with computerised Plotter/Cutters. The high quality material is manufactured in Europe by Renolit and a 5 year guarantee ensures that Plastica liners offer lasting beauty and durability.

The Plastic Extreme Pool Lining System can be installed using new or existing liner-lock and the ingenious PVC track system removes the need to lift coping stones during installation. Ideal for competition pools, the system can incorporate racing lanes, motifs and depth markers. The reinforced material is extremely strong yet flexible and boasts a sturdy 1.5mmin thickness with non-slip for use on step treads or shallow areas.

Tough enough for use in hydrotherapy pools, busy school pools and any commercial facility, the system will also add muscle to domestic pools and comes with a 10 year pro-rata guarantee.

Northern Line Up
Microbline is a unique new liner underlay product from Certikin North that is designed to give an extra level of confidence when lining a pool. Microbline is applied and handled like any other underlay product, but the fine, tough fibres are individually coated and protected by the trade mark Aegis Microbe Shield solution to offer a defence against biological and fungal attack from behind the liner. The underlay is effective indefinitely against a broad spectrum of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus.

Microbline is a through air bonded non-woven fabric with a weight of 300g/m2 and a nominal thickness of 6mm before compression. It has good tensile strength and minimal shape distortion making it easy to handle. It comes in a neutral blue colour and is available as a full roll only, sized 50m x 2m.

New and exclusive to Certikin for 2011 is a range of Natural Finish effect 30 thou linings which give any pool a stunning and unique look. The Elgin range offers a true marble stone effect with either a subtle blue or grey vein on a white background, offering the overall effect of a natural stone pool. Either can be manufactured as an all over patterned liner or as a pattern with a choice of tile band around the perimeter.

Another welcome newcomer is Pearl vinyl. Offering an amazingly realistic mother of pearl finish, this product will create a stunning effect in any pool. Available in grey or white, the pearlescent finish to this vinyl catches both natural and synthetic light and creates a glittering effect around the pool. The use of coloured lights within the pool takes on a new dimension as the Pearl vinyl catches and reflects the light to stunning effect.

Certikin can also offer the premier quality vinyl liner called Tower Infinity. Available in 20thou thickness in a vibrant Oceanstone finish, either as an all over pattern, or with the Cambridge border, Tower Infinity offers exceptional chemical and ultraviolet resistance which reduces fading and increases the aesthetic quality of the pool liner over its lifetime. Tower Infinity is manufactured on an enhanced quality vinyl and includes UV and fade resistant inks under a protective top coat.

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